Note: this is not a homeowners association. Membership dues and/or contributions are always welcome and always voluntary.


Name________________________________________ Home Phone__________________________________

Occupation____________________________________ Work Phone___________________________________

Other Adult Resident(s)_________________________________________________________________________________

Occupation______________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________

Address_________________________________________________ Own __   Rent__

Email (print clearly) ____________________________________________________________________________________

How long a resident in the neighborhood? Years________________ Months_________________________________________

Do you own a business and want to be included in the web page at no cost?     Yes __      No __

If yes, web page (url) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Business Name________________________________________________________________________________________

Business address ______________________________________________________________________________________

Business phone ________________________________________________________________________________________

Membership dues are payable each September:

   * $10.00 Basic

   * $20.00 Bronze

   * $50.00 Silver

   * $100.00 Gold

   * _________________ Other contribution

Please make checks payable to:  Alger Park/Ash Creek Crime Watch 1153

                                                       ATTN:  Treasurer

                                                       Box   181228

                                                       Dallas, TX 75218 - 8228


You may print this form out and mail it in to the above address. Your dues go to the maintenance of the crime line phone, web page hosting and maintenance as well as many other worthwhile neighborhood activities and beautification projects. If you have any questions please email and we will get back with you as soon as possible. You can find our neighborhood boundaries and other information on our home page.


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