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9500 Ash Creek 12/03 @ 08:18 alarm malfunction.

9500 Dixie Ln 12/07 @ 16:29 citizen turned in to police numerous brass cartridge casings related to gun fire. NFI.

9700 Twin Creek unknown police activity. Unregistered/inspected car tagged for towing.

9500 Ash Creek 12/15 unk BM wearing grey overalls and white cap tried to kick in rear door of residence. When confronted by neighbor suspect fled scene in silver Dodge Ram pickup with possible tag number of WA7-723. Police notified.

9700 Ash Creek 12/15 unk suspect broke window on van and stole personal property.

9700 Twin Creek Cir domestic disturbance.

9700 Cloister 12/18  unk suspect stole concrete planters from front yard.



1700 Mariposa on the 18th broke side window of car and stole battery.

1700 Kiltartan  on the 23rd burglary of motor vehicle. NFI.

9800 Coldwater domestic disturbance. Police investigating.

9600 Carnegie on the 24th burglary of a residence & stole plasma TV & replica black powder rifle. Possible vehicle description is a green Mustang  with a hood scoop. Third time this residence hit this year! NFI.


9700 Twin Creek attempted burglary. No suspect(s) description. Suspect vehicle is a large dirty white diesel truck with tinted windows. Steel rolled brush guard up front & trailer hitch rear. No tag numbers at this time. Occurred about 0900 on a week day.

9900 Cloister theft of an auto accessory. NFI.

9500 Ash Creek attempted break in by prowler; scared off by home owner on same night and prior to incident below.

1700 Macmanus burglary of residence about 1:00 AM on October 29. Suspects broke into garage and stole personal items.


9800 Coldwater burglary of a residence

2600 Peavy stolen vehicle, NFI.


9900 Coldwater Cir stolen vehicle, NFI

9700 Twin Creek reports of a stolen 4 wheeler & batteries. Late report of stolen vehicle, NFI

98/9700 Coldwater Cir. Attempted burglary of residence by 3 Hispanic males in 80’s dark blue van w/ladder attached to rear door. Posing as gardeners, tried to enter via rear residence door. Fled scene when confronted by armed home owner. No tag number.

1700 Mariposa report of stolen vehicle, NFI.


9800 Carnegie sexual assault. Suspect caught.

2500 Peavy BMV, NFI

2500 Peavy BMV,  NFI

9900 Cloister burglary of home, 2 BM in dark car kick in front door to snatch & grab.

9800 Carnegie burglary of home, 2 BM with 1 BF in dark car kick front door to smash & grab.

9500 Ash Creek burglary of a home, NFI.



9800 Estacado Unk suspect entered home and took property w/o permission.

1700 Peavy psych disturbance.

9400 Dixie burglary of a residence.

9800 Mercer burglary of a residence in morning. Suspect kicked in front door.

9700 Cloister burglary of a residence in morning. Suspect kicked in rear door.

9700 Twin Creek stolen vehicle. NFI

9600 Cloister stolen vehicle. NFI.

9500 Ash Creek burglary of residence. Suspect(s) entered home through rear window after owners left for work (0930). Alarm went off, but suspects got away with electronic items.



1800 Peavy burglary of residence; NFI.

1700 Mariposa burglary of a motor vehicle. NFI.



9800 Estacado 4/19 0536 routine investigation of residence, NFI.

9800 Twin Creek 4/20 0427 domestic disturbance between home owners involving barking dogs. 

9500 Mercer 4/12 06:45 traffic stop.

1700 Quadrangle 4/13 00:57 burglary of boat by white male & female in red p/u & white lettering.

9700 Cloister 4/13 23:41 residential alarm.

1900 Peavy 4/10 14:19 routine investigation, NFI.

9800 Mercer 4/12 08:52 residential alarm – set off by cats in house.

9900 Coldwater 4/14 16:32 minor accident.

9900 Cloister 4/8 18:35 complainant waiting outside for police; NFI.

9800 Carnegie 4/8 21:39 shots fired near Jones Park.

9700 Cloister 4/10 15:35 Complaints of vehicle blocking street.

1600 McCosh 4/11 22:58 robbery; BM /LSW dark clothing ran towards Buckner. NFI.

9800 Coldwater 4/4 0031  unknown domestic disturbance

9900 Estacado 4/2 0816 burglary at residence by kid wearing backpack, NFI.

9500 Mercer 4/2 1630 unk. Report was taken in Spanish about theft at school.



9400 Dixie 3/16 disabled child wondering alone. Police & MICU investigate.

9700 Twin Creek 3/20 juvenile racing on mini-scooter. Police couldn’t locate.

9700 Carnegie 3/12 suspected black truck w/ black windows keeps driving by residence. Police investigate – no wrong doing.

9800 Estacado 3/17 health & welfare on neighbor.

9500 Ash Creek 3/20 2 unk suspects claimed to be working for cable company; no ID’s or logos or vehicle. Police confirm they are cable workers.

9500 Ash Creek 3/15 residential alarm malfunction.

9800 Estacado 3/22 residential alarm malfunction.

9900 Estacado 3/24 suspicious vehicle, #DHJ-437 keeps hanging out in front of houses and picking strange people up. Police investigating.

1700 McCosh 03/05 19:53 burglary of a residence. NFI.

9800 Coldwater 03/03 16:46 false burglar alarm.

1600 McCosh 03/08 15:36  yelling man prompted bystander to call police & MICU.

9500 Ash Creek 03/08 19:12 false burglar alarm.

9900 Coldwater 03/06 00:36 domestic disturbance with known WM waving gun and threatening to kill complainant. Police investigating, NFI.

9700 Carnegie 03/04  theft, NFI.

2300 Peavy 03/05 theft, NFI.



9800 Coldwater stolen vehicle found stripped and reported to police with video of suspects.

9600 Cloister suspicious white van, left before police arrived.

9900 Estacado lady chased by unknown suspects trying to get into passing cars.

9500 Dixie suspicious person in white car & blue bumper #235-SK4 keeps stopping in front of house.

1700 Loree loud noise coming from large vehicle in front of house. Police say they find nothing.

9600 Cloister stolen vehicle, NFI.

9700 Ash Creek mistaken ID of theft in progress; no crime commited.wearing.

9700 Ash Creek suspect(s) kicked in front door stole items and ran. NFI.

9500 Dixie suspicious activity. Police investigation show workmen on job site.

9900 Coldwater Disturbance. Known suspect threatened bodily harm to another individual.

9800 Ash Creek Unknown male walking dog possibly casing homes. NFI.

9500 Mercer Unknown juveniles

9600 Cloister stolen vehicle, NFI.

9700 Ash Creek wearing masks in neighborhood. This was a protest at the Scientology Church location.

9900 Estacado juveniles racing on micro-motorbikes in area.

9800 Carnegie 2 males acting suspicious in front of houses. Suspect 1 wht shirt/ bjn shorts. Suspect 2  wht shirt/tan shrts.

9700 Carnegie 2 suspicious persons possibly casing homes in the area



1600 Loree  Garage door found open when owner came home. Door is inoperable.

1700 Peavy Residential alarm.

9600 Carnegie Burglary of a home. Silver Rav 4 or Kia type suspect vehicle.

9700 Carnegie Attempted home burglary same day as above.

9800 Estacado 9-1-1 caller hangup.

9800 Coldwater Loud recording of barking dogs and sirens playing in yard at midnight.

1700 Loree Burglary motor vehicle.

9800 Estacado burglary motor vehicle.

1700 Loree burglary motor vehicle.

9800 Ash Creek suspicious grey pick up truck in area. Found by police parked at residence.

9900 Coldwater Burglary of a residence by 2 LM in grey Ford van tag number is 695-Q05 or 695-0Q5 with stickers expired in 2000. Tried picking lock on back door and fled when police arrived.

 9700 Twin Creek aggravated assault of boyfriend upon girlfriend. Police know suspect and criminal history.

1600 Mariposa several days of reports of a LM in sweatpants or shorts in front of school publicly fondling his genitals during school dismissal. He disappears before police can arrive

9800 Estacado routine investigation, NFI.

9500 Dixie loud music

9500 Ash Creek stolen car used in robbery recovered with armed suspect.

1700 Mariposa burglary of motor vehicle

9700 Ash Creek burglary of motor vehicle.

9500 Dixie loud music again.

1700 Peavy traffic stop.

9500 Ash Creek random gunshots.

9400 Dixie home burglar alarm; suspects fled when police arrived.

9800 Coldwater noise complaints and camera filming people as they investigate. Noise resumes when police leave area.


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