2009 Crime Reports

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9900 Estacado 12/04 another aggravated assault; person was beat up. NFI.

2500 Peavy 12/03 burglary of a residence; NFI.

9900 Estacado 12/09 @ 0800 burglary of a motor vehicle. NFI.

9900 Estacado 12/11 @ 0800 criminal mischief. Suspect(s) cut off power, smashed out glass and attempted to raise window on residence. NFI.

1600 Quadrangle 12/25 burglary of motor vehicle. Suspect(s) broke window and stole Nintendo DS w/ games and other items.

9800 Carnegie 12/31 @17:15 domestic violence - aggravated assault. Police resolved.

9800 Coldwater 12/28 @0100 Burglary of a residence. NFI.



9900 Estacado aggravated assault; person was beat up. NFI.

9800 Ash Creek burglary of a residence in morning. Suspects made entry/exit through unlocked kitchen window. Stolen were jewelry and mink stole. Incident originally discovered by yard crew who called police.
9900 Estacado welfare check of resident. Everything OK.
9800 Twin Creek police searching for Pitt Bull dog.

9800 Cloister person attacked by Labrador dog that required medical attention.
9900 Coldwater person reported being beaten & robbed. NFI at this time.
9700 Ash Creek police looking for possible kids loitering between school hours.

9600 Cloister burglary of a motor vehicle, NFI.

9600 Ash Creek burglary of a motor vehicle, NFI.



1800 Peavy 10/2 11:57 burglary of house. Suspects kicked in rear door.

1800 Peavy 9/27 theft from a residence, NFI.

1700 Macmanus 10/06 12:30  suspect(s) entered unlocked detached garage and stole items.

1800 Mariposa 10/04 23:00 license plate stolen from car.

1800 Mariposa 10/04 23:00 items stolen from inside parked car. NFI



1600 Quadrangle 9/3 22:00 unk suspects took stroller from porch.
9600 Cloister theft of hubcaps.
9800 Ash Creek juvenile delinquency after school hours along street to passing motorists.
1800 Peavy Rd 9/27 Theft, NFI.
9700 Twin Creek 9/23 Burglary of Motor vehicle, BMV NFI.
9700 Ash Creek 9/23 0751 assault with a shotgun on the street with a threat to kill. NFI.


9800 Coldwater Cir. burglary of motor vehicle; suspect(s) smashed window;  NFI.

1900 Peavy Rd 08-03 0230 Recovery of stolen vehicle.

1900 Peavy Rd 08/03  recovery of vehicle stolen from out of town.

1900 Peavy Rd 08/03 recovery of stolen  ID type documents.

1900 Peavy Rd 08/03 recovery of stolen firearms.

9600 Cloister 08/30 auto accessory parts stolen overnight. No further info.



9800 Ash Creek  7/27 unk suspect(s) broke into residence through back door and took items. Occurred during daylight hours. NFI
9400 Dixie unexplained death; appears natural according to police report.
2600 Peavy Rd. BMV; NFI.
9700 Twin Creek Cir. Criminal mischief; rock or brick thrown against vehicle. NFI.
1700 Kiltartan reported poisoning of a dog. No suspect info.
2100 Peavy Unexplained natural death.
???? Estacado stolen vehicle recovered in alley behind Macmanus. Stripped of tires and wheels. NFI.


1600 Loree 6/26 burglary of motor vehicle. NFI
9900 Estacado 6/29 burglary of a home. Suspects kicked in door and stole items.
9900 Cloister stolen plants form yard. No suspects.
9500 Mercer stolen plants form the dale’s garden entryway. No suspects.
1800 Peavy Rd. 6/27 23:50 Aggravated robbery of a residence. Armed suspect(s) kicked in patio door and stole property. NFI
1800 Peavy Rd. 6/28 02:30 Aggravated robbery of a residence. 4 armed suspects kicked in door and tied up victims. Stole property. Different address from above incident. NFI.


9800 Coldwater Cir. 5/2 runaway from residence. NFI
2500 N. Buckner stolen vehicle NFI.
2600 Peavy Rd. 5/8 burglary of motor vehicle. NFI.
Kiltartan Dr. burglary of a residence. NFI.
9500 Mercer theft of plants and paving stones from Dale’s Garden. No suspect info.
9700 Twin Creek automatic gunfire in the creek area early in the morning. Police are aware of the situation.
9700 Carnegie middle aged WM with dirty blond hair going to homes early morning soliciting for money for a sick relative. Also seen on Coldwater and Cloister Drives.


9500 Dixie Ln 4/14 reported theft of items from front porch of home in afternoon. NFI.
9800 Coldwater
reports of gun shot from creek areas.
1700 McCosh
4/22 burglary of a shed. Unk suspect forced lock to gain entry.
9500 Ash Creek
4/24 unk suspect thrw object to break out front window. NFI.


9800 Cloister reports of gunshots from speeding cars.
9800 Twin Creek burglary of motor vehicle. Suspect tried to pry open door with window already rolled down. NFI.
9800 Estacado reports of missing person. NFI.
9900 Estacado suspicious persons reports in early morning hours. NFI.
1700 Mariposa broken windows via vandalism. NFI.
9800 Twin Creek theft of yard art/furnishings after garage sale. NFI.
9700 Twin Creek theft of large flower pots. NFI.
1600 Peavy theft. NFI.


9500 Ash Creek stolen Dodge Ram pickup on 1/3/2008 in the afternoon. No suspects or evidence found.

9700 Twin Creek suspicious person going door to door looking for unknown woman not from neighborhood. Time about 6 PM. WM, 50ish, grey hair and goatee, physically fit and unknown to neighbors. No vehicle seen.

9700 Carnegie burglary of a vehicle during ice storm. NFI.

Jones Park (Macmanus & Mercer) graffiti to playground equipment. No suspect info at this time and graffiti removed.

9500 Mercer several incidents of plants being stolen from Dale’s Garden entrance island. No suspect info at this time.

9800 Twin Creek & Coldwater Cir. reports of gunshots in the creek area.

9700 Twin Creek suspicious behavior by female. Tag number of small blue vehicle  KVR-180.


For reports of our crime watch group from the previous year click onto Reports 2008.  Please go to our home page for a menu of other links,  neighborhood activities, and crime stat links for other areas of the city. We are in the Dallas Police Northeast Patrol Division sector of the city. Our beat number is now 235. No reports for February for unknown reasons from our crime watch sources.