Dallas City Codes

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Junk Vehicles An inoperable vehicle on public or private property is a public nuisance. Fine: max $200.  Sec 18-20

24 Hour Parking No person may park an unattended vehicle in public street or alley longer than 24 hrs. Fine: $15. Sec 28-84

Parking On Unapproved Surface No parking on lawn or unapproved surface. Fine $45.  Sec 51A-5.401(d)(5)

Weeds/Grass/Vegetation Can not grow higher than 12". Fine: $50 to $200. Sec 18-13.

Outside Storage Only 5% of lot may be used for outside storage. Fine: $200 to $2000.  Sec 51A-4.217

Bulk Trash Must be behind curb & not earlier than the Thursday preceding the scheduled pickup date. Fine:$50 - $200.

Litter/Trash A person is responsible for trash on their property, gutter, and 1/2 alley. Fine: $100 - $2000.

Oversized Vehicles No person may park a tractor trailer, bus, trailer or truck over 1 1/2 tons on property or right of way abutting a residential area. Fine: $20.

Graffiti Property owner is responsible for removing graffiti. Fine: $200 - $500.

Windows Structure for human occupancy must in weather tight and water tight condition. Fine: $500 - $2000.

Paint Owner shall protect exterior surfaces by paint or other coating. Fine $200 - $2000.

Signs No person shall post any notices on or to any lamppost, pole, or tree located on public right of way or bldg. Fine: $50 - $2000.

For a quick overview of current code enforcement go to  Code Enforcer,  the community prosecutor to the NE Dallas area.

These are a quick overview of some of the current City of Dallas codes and are subject to change at any time. For more information and a complete listing of City of Dallas codes you may click here - City Codes.  You may report violations to the 3-1-1 phone line or submit an anonymous online report to City Hall 3-1-1.  Some common codes are here at City Hall.  Alger Park - Ash Creek (APAC) Neighborhood Association information on the home page.