Daniel Ryan

Mailing Address:        1500 Marilla, Suite 7DN

                                    Dallas, Texas 75201

Phone:                         (214) 724-8892

Email:                          daniel.ryan@dallascityhall.com


Boundaries of the White Rock Hills Target Area

The general boundaries of the White Rock Hills Target Area are as follows:

·         Southern Boundary:    Interstate 30/R.L. Thornton

·         Eastern Boundary:      Dallas/Mesquite City Limits (generally along La Prada Dr.)

·         Northern Boundary:    Maylee Blvd./Centerville Rd.

·         Western Boundary:     Garland Rd. to White Rock Creek to I30


Mission and Role of the Community Prosecutor

The mission of the community prosecutor is to work proactively within the target area to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for citizens living in the target area. To this end, the community prosecutor works with various elected officials and city departments, including the police, housing, code, health, fire, and public works departments, as well as with the citizens living in the target area.


Major Duties of the Community Prosecutor

Assessment of neighborhood properties identified as “problem properties” due to criminal activity associated with the property or structural defects that make the property hazardous to the occupants or the general public.

(Note: Once a property is identified and is under investigation, non-public matters related to the property cannot be discussed with citizens.)


Work with city departments and community organizations to rehabilitate problem areas.


Work with neighborhood organizations to encourage community involvement in crime-fighting efforts within the target area and empower community members.


Ways in which Citizens Can Assist the Community Prosecutor

Contact Daniel Ryan regarding problem properties in the target area. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the criminal activity or structural defects associated with the property.


Agree to participate in the Citizen ACTION Team, for more information contact Daniel Ryan.


Map of White Rock Hills Target Area