Alger Park - Ash Creek N.A.

Dallas, Texas

Coldwater Circle's Unity Garden


This is the Coldwater Circle prior to any adoption and makeover by neighborhood residents. It was this way for years and didn't see too much action from playing neighborhood kids or adults.










The circle was adopted by be a couple of neighbors. After progress was made with Dale's Garden (Buckner & Mercer entrance) the neighborhood association began with the Coldwater Circle traffic island as the next project to try to raise neighborhood beauty, values, and participation of residents. Initially a few trees were planted. Meetings were held to discuss what the makeover should incur. To adopt the circle required a 5 year commitment by the adoptees to take care of all maintenance needs.









Next came further improvements of tilling, mulching, added flowers, shrubs and rocks. Bench seats were added. You heard the saying, "Build it and they will come"? It was true, and several folks from around the neighborhood came to it.







March 2009.             Final added touches were garnered for a landscape that adds beauty and value and a place where folks have gathered to share thoughts on the neighborhood.



Thanks goes to Curtis Fesser and Brad Boling for their time and dedication to this project.







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